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Associazione Salvatorelli Moneta School Camp

Il Pozzo Dei Desideri



Le nostre idee non sono state fermate dall'emergenza sanitaria:

riapriamo i battenti

in una veste tutta nuova,

una edizione ONLINE!

Non possiamo vendere gli oggetti realizzati nei nostri laboratori?!

E allora vi mostriamo con entusiasmo il nostro sapere e le nostre abilità!

 TUTORIALBASI MUSICALI e GIOCHI DIDATTICI creati dagli studenti e dai docenti dell'I.O. "Salvatorelli-Moneta" sapranno stimolare la vostra curiosità e

tenervi compagnia...



The Salvatorelli Moneta "School Camp" Association was born as an integral part of the Salvatorelli Moneta Omnicomprensivo Institute of Marsciano in the 2016 to 2017 school year. The camp core ethos is to help train students through real life workplace scenarios. Developing vocational skillsets, as well as retaining a robust academic foundation. The constitution embodies procedures frequently used in non-profit organizations.

As an initial learning activity, the students from the Commercial Services class were able to develop administrative and fiscal management skills. This was embodied by a broader project, where by students were assisted and supported to develop business skills within the school. This was done by the students managing a real shop which was open to the public. From here, both teachers and students have developed strength in creativity and business excellence resulting in the delivery of a concrete learning methodology. As the months went by all students from all levels participated and grew, showcasing enthusiasm which is a characteristic that defines them. They started to implement their own operational procedures and creative solutions. Throughout the course the Commercial services students dealt with fiscal and marketing aspects related to real scenario business development.

The students of the Mechanical, Mechatronics, Maintenance and Technical classes worked on the design and construction of some handcrafted items for the sale within the real shop ran by the commercial services class. Middle school pupils of the different complexes (Marsciano, Spina, Cerqueto) contributed by making products with recycled material, creating beautiful, artistic and creative works.

There were two occasions in which the shop was open to the public, one during Christmas and one in the Easter period. This gave the students the opportunity to combine their theory and practical skills and operate a real-life business with the core output being profitability. The students showcased a robust teamwork methodology and demonstrated skills in business operation. After all expenses relating to production and sales activities were deducted, a profit was made. This enabled the students to donate a new 3D printer to the institute, a valid tool for multiple course deliverables and one that will assist future growth of additional students in the future.

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